Seismic breakaway hanger

Seismic BreakAway Hanger

When your hangers are too short
to allow full-rated movement

Designed to separate at a
preset load greater than the seismic joint’s static weight, it gives your seismic joint complete freedom of movement during a seismic event.

How To Use The BreakAway Hanger

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The Seismic BreakAway Hanger separates at a preset load greater than the seismic joint’s static weight. This allows seismic joints to have complete freedom of movement so they can protect engineered piping systems and the building from damage during seismic events.

After a quake, the BreakAway Hanger can be reset, ready to protect piping during a future event.

Fireloop® seismic-ready joint in a riser application, supported by AFCON Model 076 universal locking fitting.

Multiple BreakAway Hangers are ideal for supporting long return bends on nested loops.

Units can also be used with saddles to prevent long flexible legs on large loops from sagging.

Additional support for big Metraloops
A cable tether is available for supporting large seismic loops whose weight or extreme flexibility may require support.

BreakAway Hanger Sizing Chart

Loop Size Loop Movement
+/-4" +/-8" +/-16  +/-24"
0.5" N/A SBH65 SBH65
0.75" SBH65 SBH65
1" SBH65 SBH65
1.25" SBH65 SBH65
1.5" SBH65 SBH65
2" SBH65 SBH80
2.5" N/A SBH80 SBH80 SBH130
3" SBH80 SBH80 SBH130 SBH130
4" SBH130 SBH130 SBH130 SBH200
5" SBH130 SBH130 SBH200 SBH400
6" SBH200 SBH200 SBH400 SBH400
8" SBH400 SBH650 SBH650 SBH650