Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D CAD Drawings

Do you BIM? We do, too!

Metraflex has Building Information Modeling (BIM) CAD drawings for most of our Fireloop sizes. Links to our CAD drawings can be found for each product size within the descriptive chart accompanying the each product.

Where do you find the drawings?

Follow the simple instructions to the right and you will see how easy it is to find the BIM CAD drawing for your design. You will be able to choose the exact drawing, for the right product size, in the right file type for your application.

Is there a CAD drawing for every size?

We are regularly updating products include a CAD drawings for all product styles and sizes. If you don’t see a BIM CAD drawing for the specific product you need, please contact us to see if it is available.

How soon will every product have a CAD download?

Metraflex is adding new drawings every month. If you wish to be notified of updates, please CLICK HERE TO NOTIFY ME when new drawings are added.

CLICK HERE if you need a drawing you can’t find.

CLICK HERE to be notified when new drawings are added.

Standard Fireloop seismic joint configuration

Standard Fireloop seismic joint configuration.

How to find your drawings

1. Use the navigation to go to
FireLoop Seismic Joint > BIM/3D CAD/Charts

(BIM) 3D CAD Drawings

2. On the “size charts” page you will see charts showing the different models and sizes. At the far right of the chart you will see the column for 3D drawings.

Click on the CAD link.

(BIM) 3D CAD Drawings

3. You are directed to a page with an image of the product and drop downs to select the file type you wish to import into your design. DONE.

(BIM) 3D CAD Drawings