FM Approved Automatic MetraVent

Meets 2016 NFPA code requirements for wet fire spinkler systems

Installers have a new requirement for wet fire sprinkler systems. The 2016 NFPA 13 requires a single air vent be installed for each web fire sprinkler system to reduce corrosion activity due to trapped air.

The MetraVent automatic air vent meets the new NPFA 13 requirement for venting air in a wet pipe system.

Mounted at high points within your fire sprinkler piping system, MetraVents will remove air pockets, providing an inexpensive and positive method to remove air in the system, helping to reduce corrosion activity.

Engineered to provide many years of maintenance-free, trouble-free operation, MetraVents will return your investment many times over during the life of your system.

MetraVent air vents are easy to install, extremely compact and are an economical, efficient way to remove air from your fire sprinkler piping system.

MetraVent meets
2016 NFPA 13
Code Requirements

7.1.5 Air Venting

A single air vent with a connection conforming to 8.16.6 shall be provided on each wet pipe system utilizing metallic pipe.

8.16.6 Air Venting

The vent required by 7.1.5 shall be located near a high point in the system to allow air to be removed from that portion of the system by one of the following methods.